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Clarinet Compositions
5 Bagatellen, Op. 20 - A serenade for six
5 Bagatellen, Op. 20 5 canons for 2 clarinets / 5 canons for 3 clarinets
5 chamber piece 5 duetow
5 Duets 5 Huapangos
5 Lieder, Op. 22. 5 Movements
5 movimenti 5 Pieces for Solo Clarinet
5 Pieces from "XII Morceaux" 5 songs in 3 movements
5 utworow kameralnych 5/9 : five pieces for nine players
6 Quartette 6 Sonaten
6 Studies in English Folk Song 6 tempi, for 10 instruments, op. 42
7 arrangements of masterworks 7 bagatelles
7 haiku 7 pieces for flute and clarinet
700 camels 8 etudes and a fantasy
8 Original Jazz Duos 8 X 4
8 x 8; Variations on a theme of Milhaud 9 trios
[Dos] sonatas a tres A 2
A Baker's tale or The parable of the croissants A Bird in the Bush : chamber opera in one act
A Bouquet of 3/4 A Bouquet of Christmas Carols
A Broken consort A cappella clarinet
A Celebration. A Center distant
A Certain slant of light A Christmas Jazz Suite
A Cinque A Circle in the fire
A Circumstance of dancing A clarinet method (Boehm system) for grade schools
A Clear midnight A day in the city : 7 vignettes
A Day in the country A Dog's tale
A dream A Dream Fantasy - A Ballet for Clarinet-Sax, Percussion, Prepared Tape and Visuals
A Dream of flute clarinet Cello and Harp A Dream within a dream
A Fable A Farewell
A folk-song suite A Fork in the road
A Game that two can play A Gathering of Quokkas
A Gentle song A Joyous lament for a gilly-flower
A Kafka cantata A Keening wish
A Klezmer Wedding A l'ouest de la lune
A la francaise A Lament
A Letter from Nathaniel Giles A linear ceremony; op. 29
A Little cowboy music A Little cowboy music too
A Little girl dreams of taking the veil A Little serenade
A Little threeness A loose gathering of words
A Love letter A lyric suite
A March of Moods A Medley of French Carols
A Melodic study, Op. 51 A Mirror on which to dwell
A music; that it might be ... A Naughty boy
A near-minuet A Neo-platonic epistrophe while crossing Times Square
A New Leaf A Penny for the young guy
A phoenix A Pic-Nic Suite
A piece for friends A poison tree
A Polymodal quintet A quiet, lovely piece
A related music A Ringing bell - song cycle
A Rising A Satie clarinet album
A Scarlatti Sonata (Longo 465) A screaming comes across the sky, part I of The human age
A Secret place : a chromatic fantasy A serenade for six

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