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Il Convegno

Poncielli,Amilcare (1834-1886)
Sex  Male
Publisher  Trillenium
Inst.  [3] Clarinet in Bb (2), Piano
Publisher  Unpublished
Inst.  [>13] Clarinet in Bb (2), Orchestra
Inst.  [>13] Clarinet in Bb (2), String Orchestra
Comments  From Connie Josias, "The string accompaniment version of Ponchielli's "Il Convegno" was unpublished when I performed the composition a few years ago. The transcription was done by Dr. Ted Stern, Chairman of the Music Department at the Glendale Community College, Glendale. If you want more information on the transcription for your website listings, you might send a message to Stern at his E-mail address, which is A CD by Dynacord with this piece is available. The CD liner notes indicate the existence of manuscript versions of the orchestral accompaniments (presumably by the composer) which cause the works, formerly regarded as salon-style selections when played with piano, to acquire completely new "symphonic and concert dimensions."

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