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California Songs

Hersh,Howard (1940-)
Sex  Male
Written  1998
Comments  The California Songs, with texts by Francesca Hersh, are the homage of a native son (and daughter) to the extraordinary coupling of sweet illusion and bitter harshness through which this "island of dreams" was conceived. "To Babylon" pays tribute to the heady allure of California's seductive beauty. "Alice in Holyland" depicts a young woman's dizzying encounter with some of the resident spiritual paths that make California the New Jerusalem of the Aquarian Age. "The Blind Mules" describes some of the environmental depredation and sacrifice of conscience upon which the richness of the State was founded (mules, taken into the deep mines where they lived the whole of their lives, eventually went blind); it also includes the narrative of one of California's many contemporary immigrants. The irrepressible memory of the unspoiled beauty of original California powers the final movement; it also pays tribute to the tenacity with which its residents hold onto its dream.
Publisher  H. Hersh
Inst.  [9] Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Percussion, Piano, Soprano, Violin, Violin, Viola, Cello

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