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Four Beckett songs : 1980
Written  1980
Publisher  American Music Center
Comments  Computer-generated holograph (photocopy).
Publisher  G. A. Kaldewey
Comments  A triangular-shaped book (sides of triangle 38 x 44 x 44 cm.). Illustrations: 6 prints. etching, mint green ; irreg. image, 14 x 30 cm. or smaller. Triangular, oval and trapezoidal shapes, some with plate marks extending beyond page margin. Subject: Musical settings of the poems. Accompanying sound disc stamped July 1, 1987. Binding: Quarter black leather and flexible wooden boards, by Jean de Gonet, Paris. Each board consists of 8 conjoined vertical wooden slats, stained deep olive green on front and russet on back, with triangular ebony corner piece; 2 embossed gray leather inlaid Bands on spine with embossed semicircular red leather onlays on front and back slats nearest spine. Enclosed in triangular-shaped black linen solander case, by Atelier Dermont-Duval, Paris. 60 copies printed in black, magenta, and deep green on paper handmade at the Kaldewey Press, of which 20, printed on heavy paper, were issued with a suite of the prints on Chine; of these, 10 "deluxe copies" were signed by both the poet and the artist/composer and bound by Jean de Gonet. Cf. colophon and First five years, which states that only 40 of the projected 50 "regular" copies were actually issued.

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