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Lancino,Thierry (1954-)
Sex  Male

La Nef des Fous
The Ship of Fools
Das Narrenschiff
La Nave de Los Locos
Stultifera navis
Duration  70:00
Comments  Starting with the musical work and stage adaptation by Lancino, based on the "Ship of Fools" by Sebastian Brant, we offer a theatrical production lasting for about 75 minutes. It consists of a series of short musical pieces of 1 to 5 minutes, each related to an aphorism of this huge work and linked between themselves by a biting and vivid text, astonishingly contemporary. Declaimed by an actor, this work presented in its poetic and musical context, takes on a new dimension with this stage version. The imagination of the audience is all the more stimulated because the form offers a "flavorful" alternation between the text and the music, joining them sometimes.
Publisher  Durand-Salabert-Eschig
Inst.  [5] Clarinet in Eb/Clarinet in Bb/Bass Clarinet (2), Percussion, Violin, Cello

Profondeurs de Champ
Duration  17:00
Comments  Profondeurs de Champ was commissioned by the French government. Harry Sparnaay first performed it on 8 September 1984 at the Stedelij Museum in Amsterdam and the Asko Ensemble conducted by Arturo Tamayo. The "Paris" version was first performed at the Pompidou Center in November 1985 by the Ensemble InterContemporain conducted by Ronald Zollman.
Publisher  Boosey &x0026; Hawkes
Inst.  [>13] Bass Clarinet, Small Orchestra

Vanishing Point
Comments  Vanishing Point is scored for clarinet and two percussionists. The 5 steps of the work (grouped in 3 separate movements) draw the path of a personal fantasy. Each step, in its own way, follows a model in the shape of a spiral. Although it fascinates us and hypnotises us, the central point, point of desire, is never attained.
Publisher  Lancino
Inst.  [3] Clarinet in Bb, Percussion (2)

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