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Tamusuza,Justinian (1951-)
Sex  Male
Abaafa Luli
Comments  "This unusual and exciting new work for WWQ is based on the traditional African (Kigandan) folk music of Uganda and was commissioned by the Richmond Symphony Woodwind Quintet for their 1994 tour to East Africa. Justinian Tamusuza (b. 1951, Kibisi, Uganda), one of Africa's leading contemporary composers, is currently completing his doctoral work at Northwestern University. He has composed numerous works for Western classical musicians incorporating traditional African folk elements, minimalist techniques and polyrhythms. The Kronos Quartet has recorded his string quartet entitled Mu Kkubo EryO Omusaalaba on their best selling album "Pieces of Africa" which made history when it hit number one in both of Billboard's Classical and World Music categories. In the past year Abaafa Luli has received many performances in North America, Europe, and Africa. An excellent recital piece, it is also visually dynamic, with all five musicians doubling on maracas. Excerpt from the Richmond Times-Dispatch): "In this short piece, seven minutes, in two sections, Tamusuza creates a rich polyrhythmic texture (2/4 and 6/8 times predominate, with many permutations), woven not just by wind instruments but also hand-held maracas and stamping feet. The main theme sounds like a rhythimically energized hymn tune." Excerpt from the Richmond Free Press: "...a mosaic of African and European genres. The climactic ending to Abaafa Luli - rapid and resounding rhythms - served to delight and exhilarate the listener."
Publisher  Unknown

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