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"nah / hautnah"
Written  2001
Duration  45:00
Comments  "Hör-Spiel" Texts by Sarah Kirsch, Sappho, Michel Serres, Stefan Buri, Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Commissioned by and with support of 'Pro Helvetia', (the Swiss culture foundation) for the 50th anniversary of the Zurich Chamber Voice Choir. First performed in Zurich on the 20th November 2001 by the Chamber Voice Choir Zurich, Martina Fausch, Martina Schucan, Ensemble for New Music Zurich (Bernhard Erne). A piece dealing with the proximity of music and speech, the border area between commutation and murmuring, exactly there where the word is weak and the music has already begun.
Publisher  SME/EMS

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